• We at FIP Partners believe that technical innovation is the key  to US success.
  • There are sources for  R&D funding: government contracts, company  funding, SBIR  grants, and private equity. 
  • In many instances, especially in SBIR grants,      commercialization   is given lip service

      without funding.    

  • FIP Partners, with funding, insight and participation,     commercializes R&D and engineers payoff for clients.



FIP Partners'  mission is to transition R&D innovation  into products that precipitate employment growth and economic gain.   To this end, we bring demonstrated technical, financial, and legal experience to  transition R&D prototypes to product commercialization. 

We are co-venturers, not venture capitalists (VC). 
We bring to the table what you would expect from a business partner:

Funding, Insight, Participation

We seek to partner with companies to generate growth and significant company value. To do so, we capatilize on insight from years of experience in:

  • developing/commercializing technology in the private and government sector,


  • structuring small business for growth and exit strategies


  • funding commercialization of innovative R&D


The insight gathered from this experience base gives us knowledge not only of what works, but, in many instances more importantly, what doesn't. Successful commercialization of small R&D companies requires tailoring based on people involved, knowledge they have, and their evolving and vestigial perspectives.


If your company:


  • has a strong technology innovation component focused on critical applications such as: security imaging systems, clean energy, environmental improvements, or DoD dual-use applications;


  • has an active R&D product development reaching the prototype stage;


  • and you want to put your company, or a spin-off from it, on a revenue producing product trajectory leading to an attractive financial exit event;


  • please contact us